Welcome to Carrie’s Designs

I’m Carrie, the designer of items found in this site. I use the word “designer” loosely because although the color selections and some techniques are originally mine, most of the designs ideas come from many of other Fluid Art Artists. There are various groups in this field who have been so very helpful and generous in sharing their methods. I started doing art about 11 years ago after I became a grandma for the first time. I always wanted to do it but never had the opportunity, so I decided that it was one way that I could make memories with my granddaughter.

I’ve been a crafter for 30 years and had a start in my supply cabinet, but not really paints until I started painting with my granddaughter. About three years ago I found myself at home taking care of my mother who has dementia and I really needed a way to distress so I started educating myself on uses for alcohol inks and then acrylic paint. I found Fluid art very relaxing. Alcohol inks were intriguing and challenging. It takes a lot of practice to master being able to control what happens with the ink but you still have surprises at sometimes.

The jewelry part of my shop was something that came as a result of doing Fluid Art. Each pendant is unique and resulted from a particular painting. With the variety of pendant colors, I was able to accessorize all my outfits. I love nature photography, so when I construct the pendants a lot of times I try to make a landscape out of the forms I see in the paint.

I hope you enjoy the shop and I hope you find something that catches your eye and you just have to have it. I also do commission work if you would like a painting in particular colors.

Thank you and enjoy!


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