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Craft Fairs have started for the Fall Season

Tomorrow, Oct 5th : My first craft fair this season is at Gretna High School. It’s the fundraiser for the post prom event. I’ve checked out the list of vendors and it’s going to be a good one. A lot of good venders and they will even have a food truck for lunch. Doors open at 9 am.

Here is the location if you are interested in attending.

Gretna High School

11335 S 204th St, Gretna, NE 68028

Check my Facebook page for additional detains about the craft fair.

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How about videos – YouTube it is!

Well, I finally got my channel set up on YouTube and I’ve done a few videos. I will get better as time goes on but this talking to a camera thing is not for everyone and it just feels funny to me.

I’ve added the latest video to the website on the right hand side where the social media links are listed. Check it out. You can visit my YouTube channel at:

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How about some mixed media art…







A member of one of my art groups posted some items similar to these two photos (sorry about the reflections).  I can’t remember which group it was in so I’m sorry for not giving you credit for the idea.  I made these two for my family.  One is for my sister-in-law who is a retired nurse and the other is for my son and his fiancé who will be getting married in a couple of weeks.  I thought it would be something cute for them to hang somewhere in their home.  These both have an alcohol ink on Yupo paper background.

I just started using Yupo paper with my inks and I love it.  The ink just moves so well and the finish is just really soft and elegant.  I had been using photo paper but finally broke down and ordered a small 5×7 pad of Yupo.  Yupo paper is synthetic paper; more like a plastic feel.  It’s very expensive but I can see that it’s worth the extra money.

I just purchased a new pad of 9×12 in Yupo paper at Blick’s.  I’ll use it wisely so I don’t waste the paper but I’m going to have to try some landscapes on these. Wish me luck.  I’ll post them if they turn out nice.

If you are interested in making these for graduation, or other special occasion gifts, let me know.  The writing in both of these were done on my Cricut machine.  It makes it more special if they are personalized.

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Art Swap – Completed for April

I finished my art piece for the art swap and off it went to North Carolina.  Yesterday I received my art from my swap partner Tiffany Treadway.  It is beautiful.  I love the colors she picked for me.

It was fun working on a painting with someone in mind.  Usually I just paint to see what comes out, nothing in particular in mind other than relaxing as I see the colors appear.  This was different.  I imagined what Tiffany would want what her color scheme would be at home, how she would display it.  Very enjoyable experience.  I think I’ll sign up for the next swap.

Here are the two paintings.

by Tiffany Treadway, North Carolina
by Tiffany Treadway, North Carolina

by Carrie Guinn, Nebraska
by Carrie Guinn, Nebraska


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Let’s Talk Humidity

I learned a lesson this past week. I was so excited to have found a gadget to help me make different looks on my pours that I couldn’t wait to try it out. I poured a beautiful pour in orange in turquoise with some white. It looked pretty nice when it was done. Two days later, the paint had not dried yet and I accidently stuck my finger in it and ruined the painting, I tried to fix it but it just made it worse. Since the paint was wet I thought maybe I can scrape the paint off and reuse the canvas. Well, I guess since it was so saturated from the wet paint, the canvas started to separate from the Gesso layer. The painting ended up in the trash.

I was disappointed but I figured it was a good lesson for me. Although it’s only spring here in Omaha, we had a very humid and warm week. Our air conditioner was still not on so the air was very humid in the house. I guess from now on, on humid days, I’ll work on alcohol inks instead or leave the painting to dry for a few days without touching it.

I love to learn from my mistakes. It’s all good. Now to try another one with my gadget.

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Art Swapping

I belong to a group on Facebook that has an art swap periodically for the members to engage with others in the group and they swap art pieces with each other. I joined the April swap this time and I’m having fun doing it.

Basically, they give you the name, address and color preferences of the other member and they get yours in return. You create your art piece and send it off. hopefully you also get yours. There are recommended sizes but the two swappers could agree on a specific size as well.

So far I’ve poured three to see if I like them. I used different color combinations in each that are within my partner’s color choices. It’s so hard to choose which one to send. The good thing is that I’ve got at least two more paintings that I can sell at the next show or online.
What are your favorite colors to decorate with?

I love blues and earth tones, but I gravitate towards the paintings that have lots of colors when I’m browsing online. Not sure why but they look so much happier to me. My favorite creation so far has been one with just the primary colors because they blend enough to make secondary colors and more.

Would you join in an art swap and what colors would you list as your favorites?

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Ready for Commissioned Work

I’ve done some commission works for people I know and family but I’m ready now for a new customer request.  I have larger canvas in stock ready for your specific colors and your perfect piece.

Please let your friends know I would love to do a piece for  their home or for a gift.  Mother’s day and Father’s day is quickly approaching.

In the mean time, I’ve been playing around with some items I had laying around.  Here is a wood heart that I painted and I’m going to put “Love you Mom” in the front with vinyl and will be adding some bling and flowers.   This item will be up for sale by Wednesday this week.

Heart made of wood with pink, blue,and gold glitter in the paint.

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After my first craft show, I looked at the photo I took of the table and noticed that my paintings all had similar colors.  I did have others behind the table with various colors, but for some reason, I always gravitate toward the blues and greens.

Do you gravitate towards certain colors even if you are purposely looking for another color?  Let me know what colors are always on your radar by writing a comment on this post.  I’m curious what colors are most popular out there.

Thank you for coming to my store and happy shopping.


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Craft Shows – Finally started doing them

Thanks to my friend Cathy, I started selling my art at craft shows. She was kind enough to set up the first two shows for us and we got through them together. We used to work together years back in the IT business so we have some other things in common. She now works with Venetian Plaster to create very beautiful art on canvas boards. She also started working with fluid art this past year and she’s done some very nice pieces. Her and her husband also do Barn Quilts. These are items are made of wood and they are beautiful.
This past weekend was our second show and it was a big one. Millard West High School Baseball team fundraiser had hundreds of vendors but the set up and takedown went smoothly with the help from students and parents. We had a steady flow of customers all day. We even saw many familiar faces from our past as well as friends and family who came by to shop.
I’m looking forward to the next event. I’ll post all future events here on this site as well as my Facebook page.

Carrie at the Millard West High School Spring Craft Show.
Carrie at the Millard West High School Spring Craft Show.

Cathy at Millard West High School Spring Craft Show
Cathy at Millard West High School Spring Craft Show


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Welcome to Carrie’s Designs

I’m Carrie, the designer of items found in this site. I use the word “designer” loosely because although the color selections and some techniques are originally mine, most of the designs ideas come from many of other Fluid Art Artists. There are various groups in this field who have been so very helpful and generous in sharing their methods. I started doing art about 11 years ago after I became a grandma for the first time. I always wanted to do it but never had the opportunity, so I decided that it was one way that I could make memories with my granddaughter.

I’ve been a crafter for 30 years and had a start in my supply cabinet, but not really paints until I started painting with my granddaughter. About three years ago I found myself at home taking care of my mother who has dementia and I really needed a way to distress so I started educating myself on uses for alcohol inks and then acrylic paint. I found Fluid art very relaxing. Alcohol inks were intriguing and challenging. It takes a lot of practice to master being able to control what happens with the ink but you still have surprises at sometimes.

The jewelry part of my shop was something that came as a result of doing Fluid Art. Each pendant is unique and resulted from a particular painting. With the variety of pendant colors, I was able to accessorize all my outfits. I love nature photography, so when I construct the pendants a lot of times I try to make a landscape out of the forms I see in the paint.

I hope you enjoy the shop and I hope you find something that catches your eye and you just have to have it. I also do commission work if you would like a painting in particular colors.

Thank you and enjoy!