Art Swap – Completed for April

I finished my art piece for the art swap and off it went to North Carolina.  Yesterday I received my art from my swap partner Tiffany Treadway.  It is beautiful.  I love the colors she picked for me.

It was fun working on a painting with someone in mind.  Usually I just paint to see what comes out, nothing in particular in mind other than relaxing as I see the colors appear.  This was different.  I imagined what Tiffany would want what her color scheme would be at home, how she would display it.  Very enjoyable experience.  I think I’ll sign up for the next swap.

Here are the two paintings.

by Tiffany Treadway, North Carolina
by Tiffany Treadway, North Carolina
by Carrie Guinn, Nebraska
by Carrie Guinn, Nebraska


Let’s Talk Humidity

I learned a lesson this past week. I was so excited to have found a gadget to help me make different looks on my pours that I couldn’t wait to try it out. I poured a beautiful pour in orange in turquoise with some white. It looked pretty nice when it was done. Two days later, the paint had not dried yet and I accidently stuck my finger in it and ruined the painting, I tried to fix it but it just made it worse. Since the paint was wet I thought maybe I can scrape the paint off and reuse the canvas. Well, I guess since it was so saturated from the wet paint, the canvas started to separate from the Gesso layer. The painting ended up in the trash.

I was disappointed but I figured it was a good lesson for me. Although it’s only spring here in Omaha, we had a very humid and warm week. Our air conditioner was still not on so the air was very humid in the house. I guess from now on, on humid days, I’ll work on alcohol inks instead or leave the painting to dry for a few days without touching it.

I love to learn from my mistakes. It’s all good. Now to try another one with my gadget.


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