Art Swapping

I belong to a group on Facebook that has an art swap periodically for the members to engage with others in the group and they swap art pieces with each other. I joined the April swap this time and I’m having fun doing it.

Basically, they give you the name, address and color preferences of the other member and they get yours in return. You create your art piece and send it off. hopefully you also get yours. There are recommended sizes but the two swappers could agree on a specific size as well.

So far I’ve poured three to see if I like them. I used different color combinations in each that are within my partner’s color choices. It’s so hard to choose which one to send. The good thing is that I’ve got at least two more paintings that I can sell at the next show or online.
What are your favorite colors to decorate with?

I love blues and earth tones, but I gravitate towards the paintings that have lots of colors when I’m browsing online. Not sure why but they look so much happier to me. My favorite creation so far has been one with just the primary colors because they blend enough to make secondary colors and more.

Would you join in an art swap and what colors would you list as your favorites?


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